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  1. Brian says:

    you got the spreadsheets for any other years for serie A?

  2. Gareth says:


    I have the EPL spreadsheet however there are a couple of issues I’m experiencing:

    1. HistoriChart isn’t displaying anything It just highlights the teams but no chart
    2. The Blackpool v Wigan games are incorrect in terms of where they were played e.g. the game in Feb was Blackpool v Wigan but the actual game was Wigan v blackpool.

    Alternatively send me the password to unprotect the sheet and I’ll amend myself.


  3. bill says:

    what happened to the epl one? is there a way i can change the teams for next year? great sheet btw

  4. Karl Hewitt says:

    I was just wondering have you done a version where the cells are left open so the teams can be changed at random?



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